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At SM Growth, we are committed to promoting a sustainable lifestyle by offering high-quality recycled and eco-friendly products. Our online platform provides a convenient way to buy and sell these products, making it easier for individuals and businesses to contribute to a greener future.

We are SM GROWTH have come a long way through dedication to serve industries with high purity Products that are second to none. Thanks to the commitment of entrepreneurs SM Malik towards quality, service, employee welfare, customer relationship and environment, what began as humble journey of quest for excellence in 1974 has now assumed massive proportions with sales across 35 countries export in the world. Our world class production plant at Haryana , Faridabad stands as a tall testimony of our efforts and capabilities to deliver the best of products.

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We are committed to promoting sustainability by recycling and reusing products, reducing waste, and minimizing our environmental impact.

We believe in providing high-quality products that meet the needs and expectations of our customers. Our rigorous quality control ensures that every item we sell is in excellent condition.

We strive to make the buying and selling process as convenient as possible for our customers. Our user-friendly website and efficient logistics ensure a seamless experience.

Background and Terminologyere...

In a simplified mineral supply chain, a given mineral moves along the following points before it reaches the end of its first life: mineral extraction (mining), trading, smelting, refining, manufacturing, sales, and then finally, use by the end consumer. Mineral supply chains can be more complex, with considerably more steps and actors along the process. Regardless of their complexity, however, many metals and minerals end up as permanent waste—oftentimes exported to developing countries—once the consumer is finished using the product (McVeigh, 2018; Vidal, 2013). The circular economy, if widely adopted, could challenge this model, as products are repurposed for secondary (or post-first-life) use. Instead of treating the used products as permanent waste, mineral recycling in a circular economy model involves collecting products containing valuable minerals, sending them to processors, metal recovery specialists and manufacturers and then reaching end users as new products (see Figure 1). Minerals can also enter post-first-life uses through reuse or remanufacturing. Reuse refers to using a product again for either its original purpose or one similar without significant modification. Remanufacturing refers to the process of retrieving the individual components of a product and restoring them to as-new condition (World Steel Association, 2016; Kampker, et al., 2016). Under these models, valuable minerals avoid permanent waste disposal and remain an active part of the world economy. Mineral recycling already plays an active role in global supply chains (for more on how these processes are governed, refer to Box 2 and/or Annex 1). Approximately 400 million tonnes of metal are recycled worldwide every year: in the United States alone, recycling provides approximately 40 to 50 per cent of the national metal supply (LeBlanc, 2018; Mandler, 2017). The main sources of current mineral recycling are postconsumer products and scrap from manufacturing processes (Mandler, 2017). Scrap from the automobile sector, for example, accounted for 106 per cent of the United States’ iron and steel scrap supply in 2014, demonstrating that the steel industry recycled more metal than it produced domestically (U.S. Geological Survey, 2018). In addition, approximately 99 per cent of lead-based car batteries are collected and recycled in North America and Europe, making them the most recycled of any major consumer product (Binks, 2015; Gaines, 2014). The same rates do not apply to lithium-ion battery recycling, or even lithium and cobalt recycling in general. Less than 5 per cent of lithium-ion end-of-life batteries are recycled today (Li-Cycle Corp., 2018). For lithium in general, recycling rates have been deemed “historically insignificant” by the US Geological Survey (U.S. Geological Survey, 2018). Despite projected shortages in lithium supply, forecasts suggest that the recycling infrastructure required to increase lithium recycling rates remains insufficient and will continue to be (Gardiner, 2017). Cobalt has considerably

Green company : We are taking care of environment by continuous plantation of trees


SM GROWTH is a company engaged in manufacturing of Electrolytic Iron Flakes, Electrolytic Iron Powder, Reduced Iron Powder, Water Atomized Iron Powder, Water Atomized Iron alloy and Copper alloy Powder.

We recognize Quality, Environment, Occupational Health & Safety Management system as core tool to achieve strategic goals of Business growth and profitability

We are committed to:

➤ Be internationally competitive manufacturer and to enhance customer satisfaction

➤ Protection of environment including Implementation of Pollution Prevention methods > Provide safe and healthy working conditions for the Prevention of

injury and ill heath in manufacturing activities

This is achieved through:

✓ Interested party satisfaction ✓ Complying with requirements of Quality, Environment, Health & Safety standards and any other applicable legal or customer specific

requirements. ✓ Improvement in Supply chain management performance ✓ Optimum utilization of Resources

✓ Reduction, Reuse and recycle of wastages ✓ Eliminating hazards and reducing OH & S risk

✓ Promoting consultation and participation of workers ✓ Continual improvement to enhance Quality, Environment, Health & Safety performances.

✓ Quality, Environment, Health & Safety awareness among all associated with our organization

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We have experienced shipping line. Professional provided based on the actual.

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The buyer pay the customs tax/duty. We will give you the HS Code of the goods, and You could consult your local customs office how much this will be .

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Usually Half as deposit, half as balance or full payment By TT,L/C,Western Union,Paypal VISA E-CHECKING By Trade assurance paying online




Negotiating order details about technical- data.package.transport way payment way, etc

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we start drafting the order.

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